Answering Questions

Emailed and submitted questions

I’d rather ask you questions, but since I am here sequestered, and you’re not letting me interview you, yet, I’m answering some questions that have been been emailed or asked on one of my forms like the one below.

You may use the form at the bottom of this page if  you have a question of your own. The name, email and website fields are optional if you wish to remain anonymous.

Question: How tall are you?

Answer: 6 feet. 15.24 centimeters.

Question: How big is your cock?

Answer: Not going to answer that.

Question: How many interviews have you done?

Answer: Ever? several hundred probably.

Question: What happened to the interview with that business woman chick you jacked off for? Have you heard from her? She going to do another interview?

Answer: I hid the interview, was too naughty, didn’t want to scare people. I heard from her last weekend actually. Unfortunately, she won’t be traveling here anytime soon because of sequester. She wants to come over again, if/when she’s in town.

Question: Will you interview me remotely? You can post my boobs or panties, no face though?

Answers: Yes, we can do over phone or online, if you’re interesting or promise to answer all questions.

Question: Do you have a girlfriend?

Answer: Not anymore.

Question: Are you a sex addict?

Answer: No. I like woman, no doubt.

Question: Why do you always ask people to take their clothes off and such?

Answer: Why in the world wouldn’t I? Nobody is forced nor coerced to do anything. They want to, this is the secret, the truth.

Question: Where do you get the artwork, is it yours?

Answer: Stole it from some artist.



Sequester – Is it Making You More Horny or Less – Reminds me of Two Naughty Stories

Is this sequester making you horny? Are you  alone or sequestering with a significant other? Are you  going nuts for some lovin’ like I am?

I haven’t been this horny for years – decades maybe. I haven’t seen someone else so horny, in as long of time. Here are two short stories: the last time I remember being this horny, and the last time I saw someone else this horny.

I’m going crazy, will you please fuck me?

Mandy (real name Amanda) lived in my apartment complex. She was trying to be a good girlfriend, while here boyfriend was in Alaska working the summer on a fishing boat.

So we just became friends, after meeting by the pool. We hung out every day, she was gorgeous, the sexual tension was killing us.

We almost made it all summer, until one night just a week or two before her boyfriend was to return. I was in her apartment, laying on her couch, and she was playing Frank Zappa.

She scooted in laying next to me on the couch – which was innocent enough, but not for long. Friendly caressing progressed closer to crotches, until her hand was feeling me out. She felt me just long enough to get me growing, which wasn’t long, before she said “I’ll be back” and went off into her bedroom.

When I saw her next, she was standing in her bedroom doorway. She had changed clothes – was wearing a tiny pair of pink panties and a silk, unbuttoned, night shirt. Her breasts were showing, her legs and stomach were too, and she had the most serious look I ever saw on her face.

“I’m going crazy, will you please fuck me?” she asked.

That was the last word either of us said, until she said “Oh my god, yes fuck me” while we were having sex.

I’m sorry, you are beautiful, I couldn’t resist anymore.

I was renting  a room in a large home with 7 other tenants for a while after college. The oldest tenant was a woman in her early thirties. She was a writer working a bar tender job, and had gotten divorced just a few years after marrying some jerk that she still fought with off and on. Mostly, she would hang out alone in her room, but I saw her often when she’d make her way to the bathroom, to shower before work. The bath room was nearly right across the hall from my room. She’d always go to her shower, wearing panties and a shirt, at the most, and once I caught on to her process, my door was always just enough open.

She was gorgeous, and friendly, and drove me crazy for half a year, with her 1/2 dressed dash to the bathroom, and her provocative, bar-tender body.

One night, after earlier watching her streaking to the bathroom, I was particularly horny. I saw her walk past my door when she got home from work. After a wile, I knew she was up – I could hear the music playing in her room, and I was in my room, completely hard over her.

So I did the unthinkable, my hornyness made me do it, and I knocked on her door naked, with a raging erection. She yelled, “Come in,” so I entered her room, and said,”I’m sorry, you are beautiful, I couldn’t resist anymore.”

Her pause was terrifying,  She took what seemed forever, to decide how to respond.

“Should I be freaked out right now,” she asked. “Yes, probably,” I answered.

“Okay, then, I’m freaked out. Would you like to stay? Wanna shut my door?”

“Yes,” I said. “Sorry.”

“Come here silly boy, it’s okay, I’m not angry,” she said as she motioned me towards where she was sitting – on a single mattress on the floor, no frame, no box spring. She was wearing her sleep shorts and a t-shirt, and her long hair was out of it’s bun, and flowing over her shoulders. After that we made love often after she returned from work, until I met another girl and moved out.